Digital Marketing - Certificate (Home Study)
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Start Date:  Can be started at any time
Price:  € 500 (easy-pay plan available)
Average Study Duration:  3 months
Assessment:  5 practical assignments
Course Type:  Home Study
Level:  Comparable to level 4 on the Irish NFQ
Recognition:  International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC)
Entry Requirements:  Must be 18 years of age or older.

Certificate course in Digital Marketing

The Certificate Course in Digital Marketing offers an introduction to the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. Whether you want to set up your own blog, generate more traffic for your website or boost your CV, this is the course for you. This introductory course for enthusiasts will bring you up to speed quickly with the key elements of digital marketing.

The course is designed around five practical assignments that will build your understanding and skills in traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, inbound and content marketing.

The practical skills that you gain in the Certificate Course can be transferred across businesses and industries and really boost your CV.

Most students complete the course in approximately three months however all students have three years in which to complete the course.

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Certificate Course Study Contents:

  • Welcome Email - from the course director
  • Recommended Materials & Supplementary Reading List
  • Initial Assignments and Submission Requirements
  • All Course Content & Instructional Videos

Evolution of Digital Marketing


The first unit in the Certificate Course in Digital Marketing offers an in-depth introduction to the fundamentals of digital marketing. Topics are as follows:

  • Marketing principles
  • The marketing process
  • Segmentation, targeting, positioning
  • The influence of digital technology
  • The digital consumer
  • The marketing mix
  • SWOT analysis
  • Porter's five forces

Inbound & Social Media Marketing


The second unit in the Certificate Course in Digital Marketing focuses on practical skills and techniques. Topics are as follows:

  • The inbound methodology
  • The buyer's journey
  • Personas and customers
  • The different marketing channels available
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Engaging with audiences online
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging